some parents..

Argh! some parents are so frustrating!

Ok, so khkz is doing this contest right.  From the first day jay was talking about it i could smell trouble.  people would send in their video and the video with the most votes would win jonas brothers stuff.

first problem was acepting movies over the counter rather than only online.  the 2nd problem was having it invove kids.. because for some reason… moms here in the valley act like kids.  we’ve had these ladies calling all week complaining and threating.  i sit back and listen to them rant through the phone across the room and can’t help but wonder what the kids are going to end up like seeing their parents act like that.  grant it.. there we’re some cool parents.. the only ones you ever remember are the ones that leave an impression.  and it’s not just tickets for some dumb concert.  i’m sure you people in the school system know what it’s like to have to face a mom every now and then.  what ever happened to the concept of sh!# happens.  kids your going to have to learn to deal with it.  your parents are not going to be fighting your battles for you forever.  In life your going to be forced to work with people you just don’t like… learn to deal with it now before you get dispointed later.

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  1. Dude, right on. Those booger faced brats gotta learn that lifes tough and you gotta play hard. Tara encounters that problem everyday. Its disgusting.

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