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last night Patti and I got to go see Steven Curtis Chapman at the dodge arena.  He put on a good show, i could have done without the 3 opening bands.  The first time i saw him perform was at the woodlands ampheater in Houston with Sonnie and Jonny.  That was a really awesome show.  it was in the afternoon, we were sitting on the lawn.  The show as billed, Steven Curtis Chapman with special guest Geoff Moore.  So.. i was thinking Geoff was going to open up for Steven.. well they ended up performing the entire show together.  there were two stools setup on the stage, no band.. just the two of them and their gutairs.  probably the most simple setup i’ve seen in a professional show and also probably one of the best.  They were even using the house sound and lighting.  They just went back and forth singing and talking.  they are both great story tellers.

So back to last night.  first thing i noticed was how much he’s aged.  I remember his “cassettes” from the 80’s.  yeah he looked a bit older now.  They touring company he was using wasn’t the best contractor i’ve seen used.  jbl array, 1k par’s on the downstage truss, nady wireless mics, the stomp-boxes were all individually wired instead of using a cat5 router.  (which seamed to be a continuing problem throughout the entire show) 

The LD had a few nice scenes setup, but that quickly got dwarfed by several really bad ones.  H-Sweeps running throughout an entire song, the only variance was a changeover to V-sweeps.  Just about all the i-fixtures were all spots.  i only saw about 4 washes.  I probably found myself being most critical of the LD only because i’ve been in the LD position at other shows.  you can really set the mood of a show by doing a good job in that seat or a bad job. 

Despite all that, Steven himself did a great job.  He started the show off sharing his heart and pretty much carried that tone to the final song.  If anything, you can walk away from his show having a stronger understanding of the grace and love that’s available even through some of the darkest moments of anyone’s life.  He did a few of his classics.  I will be here, Speechless, Great Adventure among others.  He also did a few new songs.  One of which was Cinderella.  A song that will defiantly be a great cross-over song just like butterfly kisses.  Unless you’ve heard the story he had to tell behind it though, it won’t mean the same to anyone else who hasn’t.  I will defiantly be looking for his new album in i-tunes this coming November. 

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