stockshow 015

Well.. this morning they were going to deliver the trailer for our show from the RGV Livestock Show in mercedes.  I thought, great.  i can go deliver my equiptment and make sure everything is working right.  I get there around 10 with some of the promotions people.  the trailer didn’t show up until 11.  and they were saying roadrunner was going to be hooking up a wireless network for us to use.   I did a scan and didn’t find anything.  finally i found them and discovered what they were trying to do.  they setup two cable modems, one at the corner of one building (a shed more like it) and trying to use that for a ticket booth in the middle of the drive, and another up on the 2nd floor on a window so we can pick them up for our trailer.  And the cable modem’s they were using were these cheep OEM Zyzell’s one of which didn’t even have the WLAN active on it.  just a single static ip and they couldn’t figure out why my wireless wasn’t picking it up.  so they leave for lunch, i take my ap and plug it in, assigned a staic ip and i’m online.  finally they come back with some more equipment.  They move the wireless modem to a window directly across from me, and they are up.  about this time i meet up with Sam, the GM of the stockshow.  I’ve been using this guy’s name for a while but had no idea who he was.  He was there talking to the time warner people so i go up and start telling them why it’s not working etc etc.  I find out it’s sam and i was like, oh.. your the guy who’s name i’ve been using.  Apparently it worked because it was getting things done.  anyway.  we chatted, found out the needs of the stock show and came up with a viable solution for all parties involved.  I also got to meet with there computer guy.  us computer guys are usually pretty tertitoral, but it comes with the job.  I did get a chance to see the patch room of the facility and i have to admit, it was sad.  such a nice building, but a bad wiring job.  they had all these cat5’s coming down.  half were termed to a rj45 panel, half just cut off, and some termed with 45′ males and some wired straight into the telco demark.  I kept asking who did this.  what kind of company would leave this kind of legacy?  Like the other day, some parts came in to repair the Panasonic EZ1.  The bottom plate was broken and the eye piece cup was missing.  looking at the bottom plate, sonnie has actually tried to fix it with superglue.  Not only gluing the broken part of the plate but spilling glue onto the joint of the plate and body.  took an hour just to chisel away the old plate to replace with the new one.  if he had just spent the $6 to replace the plate it would have saved the bottom of the camera.  If your going to do something do it right.  take pride in your work.  leave a legacy to be proud of.  that’s why i’m making such an effort to wire the new house right, so that it will be done right and not have to redone later.