stressfull day

well, went to work in the morning

patti took randall to his dr for his pain mangment therapy.  a big needle in your back doesn’t seam much like therapy but ok..

then we took megan to get her wisdome teeth taken away. 

she didn’t feel to well afterwards.  i don’t remember not feeling good.  but i don’t remember much of my experience.

then took patti to her dr. appointment to see the hearing specialist.  and to make a 3 hour long story short, her hearing is fine.  her nose is what was causing the problem.  so that’s fixed now.  but by the end of the day i was just so worn out.  and tonight carey has got some computer problem we have to work on, need to re-record some audio for him, then i have a 7pm meeting i have to run powerpoint on. 

then saturday i have to setup a projector for the civic center at melba’s 50th galla thing.  and on top of all that.. work on the videos from this past week. 

i’m just so tired….