So you have this new neighbor. He comes up to you.. let’s call him Juan. Juan comes up to you and introduces himself. “Hi, I’m Juan, my family just moved into your neighboor hood. I work at this place, and my wife is a teacher and i have two kids. We just moved in and wanted to have our first dinner in our house and the kids are really looking forward to having cookies. Just moving in we haven’t been grocery shopping yet. Can we borrow a cup of sugar?”
Most of you guys would gladly let him have a cup. well.. one or two of you may just slam the door, and another one of you may turn off the lights and pretend to be gone. But anyway.. i think most of you woudln’t have a problem with this guy.
Now let’s say you and your family are asleep. and in the middle of the night this new guy in your neighboorhood breaks in your kitchen, opens the cupboard, get’s a cup and takes a cup of sugar from your kitchen. It’s still just a cup of sugar.. and you would have gladly gave it to the first guy, because he introduced himself, he told you who he was.. where he was from, what his intentions were, what they would offer to the community. he went through the proper channels. But this other guy. he just came in and took what he want and said it was ok because he said he’s entitled to it.

I know most of you would probably get out your shotguns. So why are we leting these people come in and take our tax money, social security, medicare, welfare, all because they say they are entitled to it. I have no problem with them using the proper channels, introducing themselves, stating there intentions, there benifit to society. but if they just come in the backdoor and take what they want at OUR expense.. no.