Wow.. we pulled it off some how. i got sunday morning early to get things ready for sunday morning service. I started my normal routine. Walked in my office and started powering up the video equiptment. I noticed that all the screens were off sync. not just genlock but h sync, v sync.. everything. I rebooted the mainframe.. same problem. it wasn’t until a few cycled i noticed a message that was showing up on the console display.
“**** WARNING **** Calibration Lost ”
My heart sunk. Of all possible days for this to happen not today.. not this morning. Pastor Jim was out of town so James Keller was leading the service. We always look forward to these times when we can get out of the normal routine. I had decided that the best way to set an atmosphere for this was to completely change the visual aspect of the service. We used alot of visual elements both on screen and on stage. Special lighting.. special sound effects.. it was just all and all.. out of the ordinary. So having a working video switcher was somewhat needed. I called Echolab. He called me back right away. we went through a few diagnostics and pretty much came to the conclusion that i was screwed. So the hamster started spinning his wheel and i rememeberd that we had a small 4 ch composite switcher. So i quickly wired it in to the system, bypassing the mainframe. not the best quality but it worked. ok that problem solved. I also noticed that the sub’s were sounding really wierd. almost like the choke cap was not working right.. maybe a blown speaker? hopefully just a messed up amp. so i swaped amps.. sounded great. ok.. that problem solved. now i needed to split the video into segments for joe’s song. that took a while but it finally all took. All in all .. it turned out ok.. check it out for yourself.