ARGHHHH!!!!.. that’s what it feels like. i haven’t had to type like this since i was in 3rd grade. i guess i should start from the beginning. Ok.. see one day my mom met my dad.. ok not that far. yesterday patti decided to take the girls to this corn field maze. It was really fun and tori and i didn’t cheat.. unlike some people. and we found our own way out.
Not lost yet
then today church, then we have a few things planned out to work on. we were looking for this 14ft ladder that is sopoused to be at church somewhere. jimmy and i were looking in the garages in the back.. one of them didn’t have a handle to pull it closed with so i pulled from the joints but it closed and pinched together to quickly and my index finger got stuck in the door between the joints. it really hurt. so yeah.. now it’s all swollen and black and blue. i can’t even stand the pain of having it touch something. tommrow it will be all better though. if i can get to bed.

5 thoughts on “sunday”

  1. For the record, at the point where you and Tori decided that we should go right instead of left, because we “had already been by that spot”, we tried to tell you that you, in fact, had NOT been by that spot. We did not cheat – at least not at that point. We turned left…. YOU turned right and spent the next 20 minutes out in the back of the maze lost, trying to find your way out. Funny how you found us right where we were supposed to be, huh?????? The Pictures will tell the truth!!!

  2. We kept trying to tell you that the sheet you kept passing was a Girl Scout Clue paper and the one where we turned lef tand you went right was a different themed clue paper.

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