taco bell stuffed crunch

i just tried the stuffed crunch and i highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys taco bell. i don’t think i’ve enjoyed a taco bell quiet as much as this since the first time i ever ate taco bell. *sigh* i remember it like it was yesterday. I was competing in some UIL event.. we were having our regional compeition in Brehmen (sp) home of Blue Bell. There isn’t really anything out there so we would always stay in this roach motel on the outskirts of the city. The hotel was something else.. if you weren’t up early there wasn’t any hot water. you hoped you didn’t see any unwanted pest while you slept. we found some wierd stuff under the beds. Next door to the “motel” there was this bowling alley. I think it was the local dive for the entire town. All the hicks who lived out here hung out at the bowling alley. it was the kind of alley that had a projector on all the lanes that you would use to keep track of your score.
in the same vicinity there was a taco bell. I decided to have dinner there with Christina Ramos. I wasn’t sure what to order.. something healthy i thought. hum.. what could i order. hey they have a salad. a taco salad no less. sure.. i’ll order that. and upon my first bite i knew that i had found the food that would sustain me the rest of my life. it was then that i began this sinfull relationship between me and the bell. back in my college years i would spend almost every evening with the bell. the drive through attendants knew me by the sound of my car.
i don’t get to see the bell as much as i’d like.. but i found out years later that just because it’s a salad doesn’t mean it’s necessarly healthy. and my stomach isn’t what it used to be. the fix from mild sause wasn’t enough.. so we uped to hot sauce.. and later that couldn’t do it for me anymore.. then we switched to fire sauce… just to get the same fix.

hello.. my name is john.. and i’m a taco bell addict.

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