premium -vs- regular

filling up at the pump really hurts. i spent $54 to fill up my car just a few minutes ago. I heard from a friend that you car will go futher on premium rathar than regular. I thought, ok.. i’ll try this out

on 5/21/08 i went to Valero on Pike and Texas in weslaco.

purchased 12.181 gallons of premium

6 days later i traveled 225.5 miles

on 5/27/08 i went to exxon on nolana and 10th st in mcallen

purchased 12.913 gallons of regular

6 days later i traveled 254.3 miles

So the premium gave me 18.51 mp/g, the regular gave me 19.69 mp/g

A cost savings? not on this trip. I might need to give it more time to “take” but at the cost of fuel. not something i want to $pend to much experimenting on.