just another day..

i got an email from the prod company for carmen, after i’ve been trying to get them to give us some information regarding the tech stuff, he came saying..

From: TheBerryAgency@aol.com [mailto:TheBerryAgency@aol.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 11:34 PM
To: Munoz, John
Subject: Re: “Carmen” in Edinburg, TX


I’m sorry but I don’t know who you are.

Sometimes i just want to hit people.
Like this past week we moved one of the traffic people to a new computer. She uses a special scanning program to send invoices and stuff to corporate. i couldn’t get it to work using there instructions. this took up most of my day. i called the helpdesk.. they couldn’t figure it out.. they called in the big guys.. they couldn’t figure it out. finally i was getting frustrated with calls, does it work yet, does it work yet, so i fiddled around finally made it work myself.
sometimes i just want to hit people.
so then wild has this contest they want to run. they should have thought it through and had them use the built in rate-a-pic system that our websites have for just this purpose.. but no.. they had people email them.. then we have to repost them back on the site. it’s a pain. a big pain. i’ve reuploaded them at least 3 times now.
sometimes i just want to hit people.
i am just hoping for a quite thursday and friday. next week i’m getting sent off to phoenix to get those station on the air with HD2. i hope and pray it doesn’t take all week.

i thought i was going crazy

I was working in my office at church and kept hearing this chime.. it started high and ended low.  i thought maybe it was a computer making the noise.. ended up turning off all the pc’s here in the office.. no luck.  turned off the tv.. still.. turned off the ac.. still i went to the bathroom.. it was following me.  i took off my watch.. and my phone.. and in the admininistration office i heard the chime again! Argh.. the aliens have abducted my brain and probed me with some device to drive me insane!!! or maybe it was i forgot that i had picked up a cell phone left in the church last night and put it in my pocket and forgot about it. 

tell jimmy i have his phone.

Thanks guys!

Jimmy, Guy, Gerry, Simion, Marty, Patti and Carla.. I can’t thank you guys enough for the effort you guys put in last night.  We got alot done.  We are really close to being done.  Ran an entire new 26 pin CCU cable, 15 pin robot control cable, ran 3 RG59’s from the amp room to the camera rack, mounted camera 3, fixed the DMX cable.  repaired a few ceiling tiles.  Ran 3 RG6’s on the stage, installed the on stage video monitors, patched both control cables, and even had time to remake some of announcement tiles.  I love you guys.  I could have never gotten this done without your help.  Tommrow we will finish a few of the minor things left over.  Once this is all done, things will be alot easier around here.  I’m getting anxious!

New Year, New Look, New Projects

Ok, i think i worked out all the bugs in the backend system that this website runs on.  Along with all that work i threw on a new face.. let’s see how this one works out.  As for new projects, i spent the past 30 hours redesigning the church website.  The beta site is now up and should be ready for population.  I’ve sent out an email to all the content managers and now it’s in there hands to fill it with stuff.  Getting that thing running was a challenge.  I’m running it with DotNetNuke, witch requries a few things like ASP 2.0, an SQL database (not mysql) and then i wanted to integrate Active Directory authenticion on it, as well as blind domain passthru (still working on that) and anoymous viewing for the general public.  I need to get out of this chair.  i’ve been having visions of php and asp code in my head.Š

Another try at this restfull weekend…

I’m going to try and give it another shoot here. Tonight we have have colonial night at Carla, Heather and Amber’s school. Tommrow we have… um.. i’m not sure what im doing tommrow. I need to wash cables before sunday. Need to start thinking about christmas shopping. Saturday night going to the speedway to watch the girls race. I think this is the last one right?

Spent a late night yesterday here at the station trying to finish setting up these new stations and all the streaming stations. Just waiting on parts.

wednesday we get out early, thursday going to the ranch for lunch with my famliy. it’s going to be at my sister’s this year instead of at my parents. that’s going to be.. odd.

here’s a little turkey humor if your so inclinded.

and now back to the task at hand…

and the saga continues

last night we had a staff meeting at toni roma’s for the staff at church. It started at 6:30 so i just left from work and got there before everyone else.. i sat in my car waiting for someone else to show up. pastor was next. so i get there. I end up sitting in a corner.. the next person to show up is Pricilla, and then joe a little later on and he sits on the other side of me. So we go through most of the evening fairly uneventfull… and as everyone is leaving joe and i are talking and he mentions something about of we could do a recording of the chior. and i said something like.. yeah i could put a recording together but i think they would rather have someone else brought in to do it. That opened a can of worms in it self. i went on to explain that i don’t think we could produce the quality that they are looking for but it was to late. he began quizing about this unspoken friction that sopousdly was between us. of my unwillingness to coroporate with the chior. and the more he dug into it i defending my position that we have made great strides in providing for the chior.
we changed almost all the floor wedges to inear so there would be less stage noise for them
we got the sm 56’s for them
i rewired the floor pocket excusivly for the chior
we re-designed the lighting plot to remove the dead spots from the cameras on the chior
i am also cheerfull when i talk to chior members or pricilla
i put together there priviate changing area and metting room so that they would not be distracted by the control crew and they could mount more robes hangers.
if anyone listens to my mixes now you can’t say that you can’t hear the chior.
so anyway we got all this out on the table.. we we pertty much decided that most of our “friction” has come from miscomunication. So i said ok.. then if she has request have her email me.. copy joe, copy patti, copy pastor.. let’s nip this miscommunication thing in the bud.

Calgone take me away

The only good thing about being out here is the Winersnitzel. It seams like everyone is asking for things that the previous person wasn’t able or didn’t want to do. So naturaly i’m swarmped with stuff. I just want to get out of here and get back home.

Held against my will

Well, i’m in Corpus today… not my most favorite spot on this earth. I’d rather be home taking care of Ozzie. He seams to be conjested alot more and draining alot. Before he was just sneezing. now you can hear all that junk in his throat when he’s breathing. I need to take him back to the vet. Hopefully i can get out of here in the next day or so. i have no desire to stick around here. And we are sopoused to leave town on friday and i’m on vacation next week. this is going to be rough.

It’s been a busy week….

Sorry its been so long since I wrote something, but its been kinda busy..let see..first when I went to pay the rent, the landlord said that he wanted to thank us for being great tenants, and wanted to give us new carpet in our bedrooms, so Thursday we moved ALL our furniture out and got the new carpet, then moved everything back, boy was I sore that day…I think he really wanted to give us carpet because he was afraid we were gonna get mold when the AC unit flooded Ashlee’s closet..its cool though..They STILL haven’t fixed the Scott Studios yet, so I have to schedule people 24-7..including myself doing a split shift (6am-10am then 7pm-12mid) ..we asked and asked the engineers to fix it but they were taking there time…So Big Al went and told Larry because He was finally got tired of it, well Larry yelled at the engineers and so they said HOPEFULLY it will be fixed by Monday or Tuesday, but they have been saying stuff like that for two weeks now…I just can’t wait til Payday…maybe one of these days we can do lunch..I gotta see those highlights!!!