The ratings came out….

Well, we came in Third overall, but I went down in Afternoons, Big Al went WAY up, Keith did better, even Ric did good, This was a strange book…its the polar opposite of the last book….everybody says that maybe because I was so focused on getting everybody else up, I sacrificed my show, or maybe it was my breakdown, I wasn’t focused because of the breakdown, but I am not gonna use that as a excuse..I will do better newxt time, I’m just gonna become a little more conservative..a little more classic rock during my show..get rid of the six oclock rock block, and change the fourplay at four to the All Request hour (since the beat also has a fourpaly at four and maybe people got confused..) you know me, YEA! WE MADE THIRD..okay back to work…lol…I seriously thought Hot Kiss was gonna dominate..I never expected Reggaton (which I despise!) and WILD (which I HATE!!!!) to do good..I dont care what the numbers say..Hot Kiss sounds way better than Mix…they sound old and boring while hot kiss sounds Fresh….the morning show rocks (they sound like they are having a good time, and the music is right on…) I give big props to Jay Cantu, Jay Z. and punkass…your day will come I guarantee..

Dreaded day

Delivery Schedule
Market: McAllen-Brownsville-Harlingen (269)
Report: All Available
Survey: Spring 2005
Report Date Time
Advance Ratings 8/4/2005 11:00
Hispanic Tape Mail Date 8/9/2005 16:00
Maximi$er/MediaPro via ADE and TapMedia* 8/5/2005 9:00
Radio Market Report Mail Date 8/10/2005 15:00

I had a bad day…

Today on my way to work, I started thinking about all the stuff that has been happening in my life, I know shouldn’t..but I did..I started thinking about the old times, my old friends, the way things used to be..I even heard one of my old friends on the air who was doing a remote just blocks away from work…but I said no, they are busy..and happy and I don’t need to bother them right now…it was a rough day…but I got through it…I told someone today, I miss the old times, and they said I would have times likes these every once in a while but things will get better…friends will always be there…and just make things better for yourself…and I think I am …I just miss the old days…I miss you guys..sorry for being a bother..but I had to write this to get this out of my head…sorry….