my evil plan to take over


4819See i’ve been trying to steal these people from joe out from the stage and onto the spotlight of the booth.  Later this month Ford Audio/Video is having a seminar on sound so i decided to take some of the sound guys from church. well, in the adult building that would be Guy and myself.  In the youth most of them are gone but Rico will come too.  As a courtsey i offered Joe if anyone in the praise team wanted to come.  Gil i thought may but he probaly knows more about this stuff than all of us put together.  And i know anthony experesed an instrest.  But then the wierdest thing happened.  Girls started volunteering?!  can you belive that?  a girl wanting to learn about this stuff.  i was taken aback.  i guess there isn’t a rule in the registration saying that they can’t come.  i’ll let you know how it ends up.