Thanks guys!

Jimmy, Guy, Gerry, Simion, Marty, Patti and Carla.. I can’t thank you guys enough for the effort you guys put in last night.  We got alot done.  We are really close to being done.  Ran an entire new 26 pin CCU cable, 15 pin robot control cable, ran 3 RG59’s from the amp room to the camera rack, mounted camera 3, fixed the DMX cable.  repaired a few ceiling tiles.  Ran 3 RG6’s on the stage, installed the on stage video monitors, patched both control cables, and even had time to remake some of announcement tiles.  I love you guys.  I could have never gotten this done without your help.  Tommrow we will finish a few of the minor things left over.  Once this is all done, things will be alot easier around here.  I’m getting anxious!

3 thoughts on “Thanks guys!”

  1. Hey some of your pictures do not show up. Been busy not keeping up your web site? bad guy.

    What is the getting closer count about?

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