plenty to be thankful for

I woke up the other day with horrible chest pains.  not really sure what was up but it was a pain i had never felt before.  i couldn’t find any position that would alleviate the pain.  The night before i had to go back out to the convention center to get them setup, again.  So all night i was thinking of ways to fix there problems and wanted to go to work to get them done but with this pain, i couldn’t even drive.  Patti convinced me to go see the dr so i went and they did an EKG and chest x-ray and some blood work.  all of a sudden i started wondering if what i was feeling was something more than just sleeping in the wrong position.  they sent me home with some med’s and i took them and crashed out.  woke up to the dr’s call saying that they got the blood results and there wasn’t anything wrong.  Phew.  Thanksgiving day was nice.  Randy’s Patti came over, Guy, Lori and her family.  The food was SO GOOD.  And i didn’t over eat.  The cable went out for a while including the Internet so we were left sitting here twiddling our thumbs wondering.. now what?  Patti was asleep so hannah and i just piddled around waiting to be connected to the rest of the world.   Later that night another call from the basketball arena.  They can’t connect.  So hannah and i went back out there.  Sure enough, the system wasn’t answering.  I took out my trusty box that Patti got me and connected a butt set and got not dial tone.  went straight to the termination and still no dialtone.  ok.. so the problem wasn’t with our stuff.  so now i’m looking for the guys from the arena.  Bud or Robert, took about 10 minute to find someone but they finally came and found that both lines had been unpatched.  so we had to re-patched from the floor all the way to the demark room.  even removed part of the court floor to check for problems.  fortunately, my box had my fox and hound, so i was able to put a tone on the floor jack at the press table, and then to the first patch room, and then to the demark room.  hannah was big help getting my tools lugged around and tracking back the problems.  got dialtone, and the game got on the air.

So all in all there was alot to be thankful for.  My health, my wife, our new family, the beautiful weather, all our family together for dinner, i even got to carve the turkey.