that was fun

Tuesday, the boss came up to me.  the main fax machine was dying, or dead or something to that effect.  This was around 4.  I knew of some programs that could emulate a fax machine.  But i wanted to come up with something really snazzy (and affordable)  After toying around with it for a while, i decided that Linux would be the best way to go about with the project.  As far as the software, hylafax was the right price.  Free.  Spent the rest of the day until 3am the next day working on it.  While i was at it i also worked on the MS security updates released that same day.  I didn’t have my linux cd with me so i had to download one, and then had to find all the instructions for hylafax.  and then trying to add a modem to linux.  anyway.. today i finally turned up the service, received a fax, the system picked it up, saved the tiff, converted to a pdf, and emailed it to the faxmaster.  it was really neat to see Tim so pleased.  i think the phrase he used was “this is the happiest i’ve been all day”

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