that was scary

tuesday microsoft pushed out it’s server updates.. i applied it to my computer remotely like i’ve done many times before.  later that day i found out my website wasn’t responding.  at first i was blaming time warner, but i could still reach my network.  so anyway.. finally i got home and stuck a monitor on the server and low and behold, the pc was stuck at the bios screen.  ok.. so  i rebooted.  it began loading windows 2003 server but then it started to take a dump with the physical memory.  restarted again.. same thing.  argh!.  all of my backups were also on that same pc.  i figured since it started the splash screen at least the data was there.  so i would fix it later. but then i came down with this nasty stomach bug.  that i’m just now starting to feel better about.  so that’s why i’ve atually fixed this thing.  It’s running a bit slower.  the old site was on a 200GB partition.. now it’s crawling on a 20GB partition.  i’m going to back up this site to a remote location overnight and then throw all the services over there while i rebuild this thing properlly.  but all my databases were saved.  that makes me happy.