that was that

well.. got notified yesterday of a list of the people who shouldn’t have access today. They were sopoused to be gone this morning but at 9 am this morning they were coming to me asking for help logging in. Uh… i’ll brb. I went to go hide in the meat locker while everything hit the fan.
I got to catch a little bit of the inaguration today. i have to admit the part i enjoyed the most was the piece by Gershwin that they played during the cermony.

Last night worked in helping the youth run their “new” sound board. then i spent the rest of the evening working in my building. I’ve gotten to lay out most of the what i can for now. Tonight i’m going to move the wiring to the patchpanels. that’s going to be the biggest headache of this entire process. i might end up just working on laying out the looms and hanging them up properly without even wiring it up. So far things are going according to schedule.