The Brass Chair Barbershop

we’re driving around one day and patti pointed out this new babershop close by the house.  I wonder if that was a hint?  The summer is usually my shaggy season.  probably remincinte of my cornerstone days.  something about showing up looking like one of the lost members of the beatles.  So anyway, this morning had to go by melfarts, pick up some stuff for VBS, go by church, install this stuff, come home get changed back to church, do a wedding at 3, then a party at 5, then pratice at 6.. somewhere in between their i thought, i kind of do need a hair cut.  so i stoped by the place.  I haven’t been to a babershop in a while.  Something about the old vinal chairs, the smell of warm shaving cream and barb-i-cide.  Some old man named Veno who could tame that mop in 3 minutes flat.. not a single electric razor.  and if he did have one. it was one of those old one that had a metalic relay starting off the entire thing.  SNAP! it would go when turned on.

So i walk in this place totally expecting that.  Something must have changed since the last time i went to a barbershop.  I thought i had walked into a snazzy hotel.  This place had a hostess, who presented me with a menu of haircuts to chose from.  After filling out a card with my “order” i was then offered a complimentry drink from the bar.  “No thanks, just had lunch”  I then go over to the waiting area and looking over the reading material some guy offers me a shoeshine.  “um.. no thanks”.  There was only two barber so it was a little wait but didn’t seam to long.  The barbers wasn’t some old man named vito, but i had an older lady named dora.

All in all.. it was a good haircut.  i think i may actaully go back (more than twice a year)