the day after

went to work this morning with a duck on my finger. it’s still swollen and bruised and hurts like no one’s business. Went to see the dr this afternoon. he’s a good doctor but his staff really lacks. so the tech tries to xray my hand. two xrays on one sheet.. one was flat other was with my hand in a position like i’m holding a cup. then he comes back and see’s that they are to dark. so again.. same thing.. this time the 2nd one the tip of my finger got cut off in the film by the lead plate used to put a label on the film. the same tip in question. so now for the 5th try.. this time he finally got it. anyway after all that it’s not broken just bruised really bad. gave me some meds and sent me on my way. now i’m going to try and edit 80 comercials and mixdowns to try and have done by tuesday. actually i have a birthday party tuesday so i’m going to try and finish this tonight. or at least the first 40. so what am i doing sitting here talkling to you guys.

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  1. i take that back. it’s a frog.. i remember because there was an actuall frog in the same isle, well not quiet a real frog. it was like a puppet frog.. or something like it.. not like kermit or anything. but you know what i mean.

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