The man that was partially responsible for my fath

The man that was partially responsible for my father’s disappearance?
when I was a teenager was just in?our office promoting his very successful restaurant.? He has no idea how much pain he has caused while he has?prospered all these years, and yet, all I can do is?sit here silently and stare at him, realizing that it is not my job to pass?jdgment on him. The ironic part of it is, that instead of my father, it is this man’s actions?that really has made me who I am today.?The?consequences of his selfish behavior?all those years ago have now come full circle.? His wife has left him, his children are?grown and gone and do not speak to him, he does not know his grandchildren, and?now he is alone in life.? But the saddest part to me is he does not know God.? At least I have hope – and people who love me.?Thank you John… for being the most compassionate, caring and loving person I know. I pray I never take you for granted.