the most annoying sound in the world

as much time as i’ve spent in the live music world, it’s odd to say i still have my hearing.  Actually i have fairly accurate hearing.  It’s extremely annoying though hearing the high pitched whine from external power-supplies, CRTs or even LCD monitor inverters.  It’s like wearing a hearing aid 24 hours a day.  I guess i should consider it a blessing though.  I can usually tell when a PS is going faulty before there is any notable deviation in it’s output. 

So i’m sitting here in my office trying to get work done and hitman is sitting next to me eating this bag of some chex-mix stuff.  The crunching sound is so loud it’s driving me crazy.  Gordetos i think is what’s it called.  it’s not like he’s doing a billy open mouth smack and munch thing.. 

And just now Jay walked in and is now threating to go get some too.  I’m going to scream.  If i had any cash in my wallet i would go buy out that machine right now.  the sound is so deafing i can’t think of anything else.  i was going to put on my ipod to try and drown it out but decided not to bring it this morning.  go figure. 

One thought on “the most annoying sound in the world”

  1. I have that same problem, I can hear the faint whine of the LCD alarm clock in our bedroom. And I cant eat cereal with Tara cause her smack and munch thing makes me want to burry a screwdriver in my head! (Okay, a bit over the top) but I totally get what you saying.

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