the past two weeks

have been hectic. Getting up way earlier than normal. Opening up the church, getting some work done there. Getting to work at the station. Than straight back to church in the evening and working untill 11, then all day saturday and sunday. Then between all of that there is Angelfood saturday early morning, setting up a temporary system for sunday service, The funeral this week, the upgrade to our billing system, the new live show we are going to start carrying this saturday. which means i’m probably going to have to be at the studio during the first show.
The burial yesterday was sad. I guess they all are but this one was hard. I guess because i could see alot of myself in Beto. The Garza family has always been really good to me. I just wish there was something i could do in return for them. I coudlnt’ possibly imagine what it would be like to lose a son, even worse to lose a child so tragicly.
It’s just been a tiring week. Emotionaly tiring. Jimmy was talking yesterday and it hit me that they will be packing up like within a week. It’s going to be hard to lose another family. This monday we have that meeting to say goodbye to another family. Paula got the job at San Isidro so they are looking at moving out there. Patti has a close famliy member ill and will probably be passing on soon. I dont’ know how she’s managed to stay sane through all this. I’ve been pretty distant these past two weeks as i’ve been away at church just about every free moment. And when i’m not there in body my mind is there trying to figure things out in my head. Thank you for all your patience sweety. I love you.