A Roman Catholic Priest, an Anglican priest and a Baptist preacher were standing near a river conversing, when the subject of which church was nearest to the teaching of God arose. The Roman Catholic priest said that of course, there was no argument that the Roman Catholic church was the nearest, as they were descended directly from the Apostles, in fact Peter was their first Pope. He said in fact, so close are we, that I can even walk on water like Jesus and he proceeded to walk on the water to the other side.

The Anglican Priest said the Anglican church was very similar in origin to the Catholics and he too demonstrated his ability to walk on water like Jesus Christ.

The Baptist preacher said that he did not care where their origins were, he studied the word and preached it purely, and without any embellishments. Since they could walk on water he should be even better at it. He took one step forward and sunk knee deep into the river.

The Roman Catholic Priest whispered to the Anglican Priest, “Do you think we should tell him where the rocks are?”