The story of Gordon, er… Nodrog

I don’t know why but i’ve always find myself fascinated by this story.  If your family with weslaco or it’s history, i’m sure your familiar with this site..

Eddie run’s this blogger, Pharr From Heaven.  It’s got a great local feel and he has some great articles.  On his site is a posting about the plane crash / fire at the original San Juan Shrine.

He’s has some interesting reading about Nodrog and his ATA Base.

Eddie’s latest posting brings to light David Hoverson who runs a Mac repair shop out of the ATA Base apprently.   He has a website, a facebook and any question about his relation to the ODF, Rick Ross posted this on his site,

Outer Dimensional Forces, Welaco, Texas. Based in a weedy, fenced-off compound near the Mexican border, O.D.F. is a secretive doomsday sect whose members believe that the U.S. is heading for heaven-sent punishment that was set in motion when the CIA allegedly “attacked” O.D.F. two decades ago. In a TV interview broadcast after the Heaven’s Gate suicides, a bearded, intense O.D.F. spokesman named Daniel Hoverson said the Creator will soon rattle and flood the U.S., with the O.D.F. surviving by being spirited to safety in flying saucers. Orville T. Gordon — better known as “Nodrog” — a 90-something man who is rarely seen in public, founded the group.

Clearly this guy may be off his rocker but i wonder how good he is with Open Directory?

Found some more for those of us who can’t seam to get enough.