The wheels on the car go Psssffffttttt…..

monday night i was driving with the window down and heard something on one of the tires. sure enough i got a flat. so i put the spare and the next morning went to pueblo tire to get it fixed. well. i got there first thing in the morning and they said they coudln’t fix it. ok fine.. put two new ones on there. they said i really needed all four.. and i knew i was going to need to replace them soon.. just wasn’t expecing to do it already. ok fine. .replace all four.. but they only had two in stock. ok.. fine.. replace two and order two. so i’m sitting the the lobby watching little house on the praire. Haven’t seen that show in ages. so it was nice and relaxing but three hours later.. i asked the guy.. what was up. he said they were waiting for them to send my tires. i thought they had two in stock already… fine whatever. i was ready to be upset but i went outside and took a walk. the leal’s dont’ live to far so i called to see if i could come by fur lunch. they were there so i walked over. not really that far. I’ve done it before when i had to take amy’s car over.. drove my car to pueblo and the picked up her car there and drove it to the leals. it was pouring rain that day though, but it was a fun walk.
so anyway, $350 bucks later i have two new tires and i still have to go order two other ones. but i’m having those done in weslaco so i can drop it off and then have someone at work pick me up.