The World moves on…

I hope Joe doesn’t know about this site. If he does, well, screw it. For those who don’t know (and may possibly care the tiniest bit), I have quit the adult worship team. I have several reasons for doing so, but don’t worry. This isn’t going to turn into an overblown list like the villains. For overblown (and boy, do I mean overblown) lists, visit my xanga site @ .

Anyway, I’m mostly glad, partly sad about leaving. Mostly glad because it seems like we lonely musicians are being swept into the gutter to give the choir more air time. Is this a bad thing? Is it good? I’m not the one to judge that, really. All I know is that I personally don’t like it, and would rather not deal with it. I am saddened that I will no longer get to thump on my bass and set the groove with Johnny or back up David’s phenomenal keyboard skills. I miss the days when all the singers and musicians would sit and chat and pray. I felt more connected then, even though I am not one to connect with much of anyone. I miss the days when I could clearly define who the leader of the worship team was. I miss the days when I didn’t know the rumors, even though they were still there. But the world has moved on since then. Is it a bad thing? Is it a good thing? A wise woman once said:

“You can not stop change anymore than you can stop the suns from setting” – Shmi Skywalker.

Whatever. Joe didn’t seem too heartbroken over my decision, not that I was expecting him to be. Besides, I’ve been kind of a nuisance lately when it comes to respecting authority (not necessarily Joe). I think the one BIG tip off that things were never going to be the same was when one of the choir members was praying to dismiss a practice and he said the following words (not exact quote, but pretty darn near):

“Lord, I pray that you bless this choir minsitry…”

Suddenly, I was filled with understanding. We were no longer a worship team, we were a band backing a choir. At least, that’s my interpretation. I don’t really know if that’s what he meant, or if it was just a small part of the kind of rambling, talkative, prayer our church specializes in (the kind that just keeps going, and going, and going, and going, and ends about 10-23 minutes later…but that’s a different rant). Anyway, I don’t hate the choir on a personal level. Any and all complaints stem from a professional degree of criticism…or something. But whatever. If anyone feels like commenting on this, by all means, let me know what you think, Patty, John, Johnny (if you’re out there, I’m thinking of you…). Whatever, I need to start practice.

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  1. Aaron, you didn’t voice anything that the rest of us are not wrestling with on our own. You’ve seen the wall that had to be built just to reclaim the rest of the Media Office from the “robes”. It seems that we are nothing but walls now – all over the Church – all departments, even mine. It’s easier to not get hurt if you build a wall and just let the storm blow over. It is very difficult for me, personally, to even go to church right now, because it seems like I find God more when I am NOT there, then when I am. I have lost all drive to even be there because of the politics… Youth Building included. I’ve recinded my offer to do a drama in Youth on the night of the 21st – sorry John, I know that disapoints you, but I will not compromise the integrity of the ministry while certain individuals sit there and pick apart these kids criticizing them for participating just because they were not asked to particpate. These kids deserve better than that, but as Aaron would say, that’s a whole other rant. The main factor for recinding the offer comes mainly from the attitudes I received when I expressed a desire to do one that night. Somehow, we have managed to neatly package this thing called a “realtionship with God” into a box, tied up with a pretty bow on it and hand it to folks and say: “Here, figure this out for yourself – but if you can’t, we will pray for you”. Where have the days gone when all that was needed was an acoustic guitar and some hearts willing to lay on the floor for hours before God? Where have the days gone when people would feel free enough – and safe enough – to get up in front of a room full of peers and talk openly and honestly about issues in their life they are struggling with? When did we become a church that follows scripts? What about following the flow of God? Order is good, in fact it’s necessary, but we only had 3 people watching the service on the Internet Sunday morning, so who are we trying to impress? I believe there are many, many sincere hearts in the building during Services – not everyone is caught up in the ego battles that are going on – but how long can their prayers carry those that are battling for the spotlight? It makes me wonder how long it will be before God strips us ofeverything and forces this Church body to come back to the heart of worship????

    Anyone feel like a night of guitar music in the front yard? There are no walls there.

  2. You hit the head on the nail dude. I think this is something that alot of people saw previously when ever a choir had tried to get started. Anyone remember the Lemons? It’s gotten to the point where i have begun feeling that maybe it’s my attitiude that’s messing things up for everyone. Maybe i should take a sebaticle. (like everyone else is trying to do) but then after hearing how pricilla tried to sound this past sunday.. argh it was horrible. Don’t take my word for it… listen for yourself. Not only did the FOH suck .. but being up on stage that day i got to hear how horrrible the BUSs sounded as well. I don’t know how you guys were able to stand it. But it’s like we were talking the other day. When, Diana and Sonnie were leading.. it was different. It was SO VERY different. The whole worship experience wasn’t just a concert.. some times it didn’t even sound good.. but it didn’t need to… that was the kind of service that i could actually get down on my knees and feel the actuall presense of God. You know how long it’s been since that’s happened.. at this place at lease. I hate having to go other places to feel that again. Is that what it’s going to take? Leaving to go somewhere else.. or do we need to stay here in a place of being complacient just satasfiefd with what we got. Remember that day that Marshall led worship when James led. But that was a combination of several things. The service not being boxed into a 45 minute session with a “transistion” that i can almost qoute word for word” nurseries.. playground.. etc. the team not at the mercy of the chior.. etc.. etc..

    Is this why we haven’t seen Maya’s full healing? i digress though…

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