They finally fixed the computer!

Well, finally after 3 weeks, they finally fixed Scotts Studios..I can finally rest now, the weekend was cool, got to go to my moms and relax in the jacuzzi..ahhhhhh…I woke up this morning, thinking of old friends again, and the good old days..I miss the laughs, eating lunch, playing around and such, but we all have different lives now and all of us are pretty busy including myself..maybe one day we can all get together for lunch and relive those old days…I hear someone at works’ Birthday is coming up…well, wish her Happy B-day…I’ll try to call and suprise her with my famous Birthday song on Friday. We took photos the other day for the corporate website, and man, I’v gotten fat! I need to go on a diet…well keep in touch dude, thanks again with the help on Sunday with computer problem….cya…

One thought on “They finally fixed the computer!”

  1. Finally! It’s been long enough having to use CDs. I know what you mean about a relaxing weekend. I could use one of those. This weekend it’s going to start saturday at 5am. but after that i think it should be quiet.
    We all need to get together again some time. I’m taking vacation the 1st week of sept so if you know of any good parties…. 🙂 I keep telling Jayz that they need to have a roast for her birthday during the morning show. Remember that you you and tony and double did that.. got her sister and everyone on the phone.. *sigh* good times. I know what you mean about wanting to diet. I have been trying to eat healthier. i woudln’t even call it a diet.. just not as much junk and sugar and stuff. For as many reasons as i hate google… i found this.. thought you may find it interesting.

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