things i am thankfull for part 1

Someone, somewhere wants your broken toaster. Let’s not ask questions and get into exactaly why they want your broken toaster – let’s just sell it to them, drop if off at the ups store, and collect the cash.
eBay puts people selling things they don’t want in fromt of thousands and thousands of people who actually, for whatever reason, do want those things. Plus, you get to hid behind the anonymity of an eBay username like “hummel_freq” and sell your unwanted coffee mugs to some guy in Boise. Even better, your not haggling with some old lady in your driveway at 8:30am on a saturday morning over the price of your velvet Mardi Gras mask. Your just putting it up there and leteting folks fight over it – getting top dollar in the process.
I’m thankfull that eBay has helped changed the internet from a high-tech pornography distribution system into a layperson’s money-making machine that lets us sleep in on Saturday mornings.