This month has been super busy, monday we had prat

This month has been super busy, monday we had pratice for the chior, tuesday i rebuilt the video control room, wednesday was the christmas program, thursday i went christmas shopping, friday we had rehersal for anthony and esmers wedding, saturday morning was angelfood and saturday afternoon was the wedding and saturday evening was danny’s party. today we have the christmas party and still have a little bit of shopping to finish up.

The wedding was so nice. Arroon was in the booth so i got to get on the roving camera and did alot of shots from the stage. It turned out really nice. As a matter of fact, i don’t think i’ve been to a wedding quite as nice. Tim and Ruben played sax and piano. Some girl sang a song, they had a video clip just before the cermony with pictures of them and a part of when he proposed to her. It was really nice. There was a part where i was on the stage with them, just behind them actually. They had just lit the unity candle. They were standing together, holding hands.. i was up close on her and just when my camera came on tally you could see a tear drop from her cheek, then anthony still holding her hands with one hand, took a free hand and got a hankie from his coat pocket and wiped the tears from her eyes. It was really sweet, of course i’m all teary eyed at this time and trying to keep the camera steady. I’m telling Patti on the intercom who is doing the camera switching that i can’t see what i’m doing so i’m just going to stand still till she tells me to move.

After the wedding I had to put everything back on the stage to get ready for sunday morning. Joe and Nellie came to help (thank goodness) Did a little rearanging. I think it’ll work out really well.

Danny’s party was fun. Of course Monica and Belinda were the life of the party. It was entertaining watching everyone kariokie.