This week seamed to just drag on.

This week seamed to just drag on. glad it’s finally over

from the website:

Friday, April 1st, 2005 THE FINAL SHOW

About a year and a half ago, my bosses at NEWSCHANNEL 5 came to me andsaid “ClearChannelRadiois starting a Newstalk radio station and they need someone to do the morning show.” My first thought was that they just needed someone to do the daily weather forecast for them. No, they said, they actually are looking for someone to host a two hour talk show…and they wanted to know if I’d be interested. Talking for two hours every day isn’t really difficult for me, my Grandmother who is now 106 years old, has always said I was born talking. But keeping that talk interesting for two hours a day, that was something entirely different. After a great deal of discussion with my family, I agreed to do the show – provided I could do it from home. After all, I don’t get home from the TV station until at least 11pm each night and the idea of being back at the radio station before 6 every morning wasn’t very appealing. The radio station agreed – and Talking With Tim was born (that wasn’t my idea for ashow name, by the way..thecredit for thatgoes to Billy Santiago). So, after a few delays, we hit the air on March 1st of last year. At the time, I told my wife, my kids, my friends that I had no idea how long this show would last. It could be a day, a month a year. Well, as it turns out, that’s exactly how long it lasted. A year, a month and a day. Today is our final program. The Talking With Tim show has been cancelled by ClearChannel – Rio Grande Valley. It’s not a lack of listenersthat did us in….we know you are out there . . . your phone calls and the ratings prove it. It’s the lack of advertisers. You see, our signal comes from Brownsville and is very strong throughout Cameron County. The signal, however, is weak- at best – in McAllen, and that’s wheremost of the Valley’s advertising money comes from. If they can’t hear the show, they’re probably not going to pay for commercials. It’s hard to pay for the programming if we’re not selling commercials. And, while there are plans to make the signal stronger, it’s going to be a while. So, we’re a casualty of the radio world.

This experiment in talk radio draws to a close today. Ithas been a successful experiment and a wonderful experience – from my point of view. I have learned so very much over the last thirteen months. Whilewe’ve had our share of authors, movie stars, heck even playboy bunnies on the program, the real wealth of knowledge has come from you, the listeners. Your calls, your e-mails, your letters are always insightful and to the point. Nomatter how manyquestions I have for our guests, you’re always there with more questions, with better questions. When we go over the edge with one of our bits, you’re quick to let us know we’d have been better off not to go there.

Doing the show from my mom’s house inIndiana last fall was a real kick. Doing the show from Houston was fun. But just sitting here in my home office, every morning,talking to you, listening to you,learning from you, has been the real joy of the program.

I need to thank ClearChannel Radio, Billy Santiago, Danny Fletcher and TimThomas for giving me the chance to do something I’ve always wanted to do. I wondered if I really could talk for two hours a day, ten hours a week, over 500 hours in a year. Now, I know I can do it.

Thanks also to the engineers – Ken Meek and John Munoz. John has spent countless hours at my house making thiswhole home-studio idea work. AndKen, always tweeking the signal to get every last drop of power we could get – so we could reach as many people as possible. WithoutKen and John, this show would never have gotten off the ground.

Dr. George McLemore of UTPA – thanks for being there every week for the entire 13 months. To Marc Dopher, Marianne Manko and Dave Brown, thanks for being here on the days when I couldn’t. THe show was always in good hands.

To Russ in Brownsville, the man who called in to the program on our very first day, surprising everyone that anyone was actually listening, the message is simple…keep plugging my friend, this too shall pass.

To Ruben from Brownsville, Nick from Sharyland, Max from Brownsville, Marsha in Los Fresnos, To Juan, Robert, Erik, Israel, and Becky – the list goes on and on…to everyone who become regular callers to the show, thank you for being part of the personality of the Talking With Tim program. Your voices made the show!

Then, there’s Hank the Producer Guy, the mysterious man behind the show. Hank, of course, is not his real name. He likes his anonymity, but this show would not have been possible without Hank. A lot of the character of Talking With Tim has been developed by Hank the Producer Guy. The bits we play, the music you hear (which always, always, always has some tie to the guests), the phone calls to the guests, the phone calls from you…we always joke that Hank does the work and I get the credit. That’s not really a joke. It’s pretty much the truth. Hank, thanks for making my nonsense work.

Finally, I want to thank my family. This studio doubles as Justin – my 18 year old son’s bedroom when he’s visiting from college. You have to believe he loves it when the lights come on and I start talking at 6am every day when he’s here. My daughter Taylor – she’s 13 and listens to the first hour of the show every day – in San Antonio. I’ll miss knowing she’s out there. Maya is our fifteen year old. She’s learned to like Glen Beck because I used to make her listen to talk radio as I took her to school each morning. Because of this show, I haven’t been able to take her to school the last few months, but starting Monday, we’ll get to spend those precious early morning hours together again. And lastly, and certainly most importantly, thank you to my incredible, lovely wife Nora. From the 5am alarm clock every day to having perfect strangers walk into our home at 5:30 in the morning to be guests on this show, you’ve put up with a lot. Without a doubt, Nora was this show’s bet promoter. She was always handing out my business cards and saying “did you know my husband has a radio show now?” Thank you for everything you put up with and for everything you do sweetie. I love you!

And with that, we wrap up this, the final edition of the Talking With Tim show. This is no April Fools joke, it’s really over. We’ll be replaced on Monday with some syndicated talk show, I don’t even know who yet. But I leave, thrilled with the thought that I’ve been able to spend the last thirteen months with you. Thank you.

I’ll see you on TV tonight. Until then, as always, Carpe Punctum, my friends, seize the moment, to make the world around you just a little bit better. So long.