throw in the towel?

there is this office that I do work for occasionally.  A few weeks ago I put together a list of things that they should do and a few things that they need to do to get there operations into decent repair.  Then some sales guy comes by and tells them how bad of shape they are in.  List off a few things and I’m just shaking my head.  “isn’t that the same things I told you about two weeks ago?”  It’s just really frustrating.  Expeically since some of these problems are serious enough that if something were to go wrong, they could really go wrong.  And who do you think they are going to blame.  I’m just at the point that if they don’t do something i’m going to just walk away and let someone else inherit the problems. Why should i be caring so much when they obviously don’t.

Maybe i just frustrated with people who shouldn’t be infront of computers to begin with.  Today at the office, i showed one lady how to send appointments via outlook for some meetings.  She sent two appointments, one for 10am and one for 2pm.  with instructions, “click accept for the one you want” what do they do?  they click accept for both.  when she asked them why they did that, “I just clicked whatever”

Argh..  and they wonder why there home computers are full of popup’s and spam.

On another frustrating note, I’ve been trying to chase down a problem with KTEX.  Nothing major but it’s been bugging me off and on for about two years.  Yesterday i found something that i thought sure enough was the cause of the problem.  But after undoing Mr meek’s mistakes it still hasn’t fixed my problem.  i’ve tried everything short of replacing the computer that runs the entire station.  What’s happening is.. the station has an log that tells the computer what to do and when.  in that log, we can tell it, flip this switch.  that switch can be attached to anything that needs a switch to turn on.  In this case, the switch is hooked up to the Emergency Alert System that triggers the weekly required test.  All my other stations are hooked up this way.  When i hooked up ktex just like the rest, all of a sudden i noticed that it was sending off alerts not just once a week but once an hour.  really annoying after a while.  the log doesn’t have any instructions telling it to flip the switch, the wiring isn’t hooked up to a different switch, when i unplug the switch controller the problem goes away, i changed controllers the problem stayed.  i’m about out of options. 

i just hate being defeated like that.  either by a sales rep or by a phantom problem that just wont go away.