To friend or not to friend?

I got a friend request the other day from a name i didn’t recognize.


Is this someone i actually know or just someone who knows i don’t share personal information with strangers and if i friend them, then they will get the chance to find more information.  “Fidelia Gribble” was the name.  Ok.. so Facebook does this cool thing where it shows your mutual friends with someone else.  If this is really someone i know, surely someone else i know has them a friend too.  In this case i had NO mutual friends which is really odd.  And when i initially got the request this person only had 8 friends.  Someone that dull obviously I would have had better recollection of.  And finally, i decided to google (v.) the name.  The only result came from one of those pay-to-find-people services. 

Sorry Fedelia, your getting the ignore button.

Common Sense: Your privacy settings only work if you let the system use them.  If you add any person who comes your way as your friend just for the sake of increasing your friend count, your just asking for any of those “friends” to have more information about you than you normally would IRL.