To graffiti or not to graffiti

Photo Oct 21, 4 48 13 PM

I’ve never been one for bumper stickers or other paraphernalia on my vehicles.  As a matter of fact, the only thing i would sport on my vehicle was the occasional “support magnetic ribbons” ribbon mocking those who would put any such ribbons on their cars.  So… Patti got me this vinyl the other day for my car “I know you probably wont use it but I got it anyway”

You know, I can’t think of a kid who I am prouder of more than Hannah.  I wouldn’t have considered myself a band geek growing up but I was at least a band nerd.  From 7th grade we started participating with the varsity band.  Loading and unloading.. carrying instruments banners, etc etc.  8th grade year we even got to mach with the band.  There really isn’t an experience quiet like marching for a 1A (1/2 a more like it) school on a grass band filed with gopher holes and ant hills.  My freshman year was the last year our school had football so there wasn’t much chance to march other than the occasional parade.

With Hannah being part of the band gave Patti and I both the chance to relive our band careers.  We’ve had the chance to watch her preform in front of huge crowds and always do an outstanding job.  As much work as it is, there really isn’t anyplace else i’d rather be on a friday night than watching her perform on a game night.  I missed one game because i was in Dallas and i’ve thought about taking one or two nights off occasionally but i just couldn’t pass up the chance to see her perform again.

I can’t help but say i’m proud of what she’s accomplished and the detection she herself has shown to her section and band.  There are times when i find her loading the trailer or the trucks usually outdoing the boys just standing around.  Kind of reminds me of myself 15 years ago.

So.. without hesitation, i have no qualm about putting a sticker on my car showing just how proud of her that I am.  Tonight is pigskin.  The big competition that everyone’s been working so hard for.

One of the band directors said it best today on Facebook..

Dear God, 3 months of triple digit weather practices, longs hours on our parking lot, perfecting an extremely difficult drill (page by page), many loads of sweaty laundry (thanks mom ☺), breaking sticks/mallets/drum heads/keyboard strings/ chime cords (you name it, we’ve probably broken it), making new life long friends, striving to always do our best, wearing the “purple and gold” with pride, being blessed with the world’s greatest band boosters, all while being guided by our band directors. Today we perform the finished product at our Region XV UIL Marching Competition. We ask that you guide us tonight and throughout all our lives. Amen

So as we gear up for the final moments, no matter what the judges may think.. you are a One in our eyes.