to work or not to work

tommrow they are saying that mexicans shouldn’g to to work or shcool or whereever it is they go.  They should just load them all up in a paddy waggon and send them where they came from, but that’s just my opinion.  I’ll be there bright and early.  i’m kind of curious to see who’s not going to show.Š

3 thoughts on “to work or not to work”

  1. as i type, there’s half a million latinos marching down wilshire blvd in l.a., just 7 miles from here.

    i dont know what upsets me more…the fact that these people think theyre privileged enough to live here illegally, reap all or most of the benefits of a u.s. citizen, AND miss a day of work, or the fact that the streets being closed because of these protestors is gonna cause huge traffic problems on the freeways.

    thanks to them, i have a lovely 15-20 mph trek home to look forward too. hooray for me…damn illegals…

  2. the exact opposite of what i predicted happened!

    i averaged about 75 mph the whole trip…took me less than 30 minutes.

    apparently, the marches reduced traffic by 10-15%. the next day, i was actually hoping to hear of more marches. it made my drive home so much more pleasant 🙂

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