Tonight, we remember an angel

Last thanksgiving a year ago, Patti and i sat up waiting for “the call”.  We knew the end was close and it would probably be tonight.  When the call finally came- we had resigned ourself to know that she was finally resting in a better place and after a long few weeks battling this with her, we were ready for some rest too.  Shortly after we got another call that the family was wanting us with them at the hospital so we thew on something real quick and made our way up to the 4th floor.  The normally bustling and rowdy hallways were now quiet and all of nurses and staff we all shocked and teary eyed just as we were.  Thorough all the time Loulou would spend in the hospitals, she was the life of the party.  Hanging out with the nurses, cheering everyone up, racing down the halls in wheelchairs, everyone knew here- and everyone loved her.  we walked to the ICU.  her room was the easiest to spot.  it was the one with the glass doors covered in artwork, paintings, cards and balloons.  She didn’t want just a hospital room, she wanted her vacation loft and she wanted it personalized.  Seeing her in her room is an image i will probably have burned in my memory forever.  Mostly because she was finally at rest.  No more struggling to breath, no more wincing in pain, no more tears, machines whirling and beeping.  just peace.  almost felt jealous of her.  We spent the rest of the evening with the family, cleaning up her room, taking down the decorations and packing up all the gifts, teady-bears and other trinkets that fill an 11 year old girls room.  We must have hauled down 6 loads down to the cars downstairs.

LouLou, i know your not here with us, and you know that we miss you, but we still see you, in the eyes of all the kids that you continue to help reach.  I hadn’t been back up to the hospital since that night but i went just this past weekend and it is still full of kids who need to experience that love that you had.  we are trying to continue that.  we are trying to let your life live through them.  and we are trying to make a difference.

hope we can make you proud-