A break from the normal updates

or just an excuse to not type up anything from this past weekend, i found this and just had to pass on to my audience.

This weekend was busy. Friday, well you probably read all about that already. Saturday morning was angelfood. there was lots of people there to help. and i was finishing carey’s new master dvds. that was actually kind of tough. making custom buttons and masking with the dvd authoring software. I really should read the manual on that. after that went home for a short bit then patti and i went shopping for a bit. then to the silverados. All i was sopoused to do was make sure they get on the air. well.. the changed the placement of the announcers, so i had to run new phone cable, and they were sopoused to bring there own headsets, they didn’t. forseeing such a problem i brought my own. Anyways, got them on the air and we were able to bug out before the game even started.

sunday we went to the ranch after church. it was fun to visit with mom and dad for a while. came home and just rested the rest of the afternoon.