Trashing the dress

Patti got this idea a while ago of putting her wedding dress to good use one last time. It’s called Trashing The Dress. What good is having the dress you’ve worn once sitting up in your closet for years and year probably never to be worn again. This way, it get’s used again, in a typically fun and creative way. It’s also symbolic of saying that we will not be needing a wedding dress again. She wore it once and that was once and for all. Never needing a wedding dress again. The key to trashing the dress right is getting the right photographer. We’ve been admiring Elizabeth’s photography for a while and decided that she would be the best person for what we want. On Saturday we started off the day early and ended late burning through over 800 exposures. (i think) This ended up being one of my favorites so far. Ellie knows exactly how to capture patti’s natural beauty in it’s most precious form. Patti and i also never really got any wedding photos taken so this session counted for both!