tv will rot your brain

remember back when the london terroist bombings happened? I was noticing how the tv coverage wasn’t showing the gore and people stumbling out of the tunnel all beaten and brusied clinging on to life. The people who the BBC caught on tv were calm citizens… in there cheerful and proper british accent talking about what had just happened. If that had been in the states you would have some hysterical black woman waving her hands shaking franticly with half of her face bleeding.

one year when i was working at cornerstone, they put us up in the one of the same hotels the artist were staying at. I woke up and went down to the lobby waiting for the shuttle to come by and take us out to the grounds, one of the bands was also down there waiting for the same ride. It was some brittish techno band.. can’t even remember their name now. The tv in the lobby was on some hunting show and they were all struck aback with this show on broadcast television showing the hunting and killing of innocent deer. They even took photo’s with them watching the tv to take back home.