twas the afternoon 4 days before christmas

everyone’s out of the office… i’m still around waiting for my last UPS shipment. This year’s christmas has been a good one so far. I did most of my shopping online and found some pretty neat gifts if i have to say so myself. Patti helped me alot though. The one’s she picked out for JoJo and Patches was pretty cool. And all the help she provided with the gift was for the Leal’s was amazing. I can’t wait to give it to them. We’re running a special show tommrow evening at 6 so i may need to be around just in case something goes bump… but everything should be ok. SHOULD. What do i have left to do.. oh yeah.. brb..
Ok.. done. Now but i’m still waiting on UPS.
This year has been better than most. I actually feel in the christmas spirit. Unlike other years where its like “it’s christmas again?”