Two weeks to go…

so if i’m nervous now, will i be a basket case two weeks from now? On the evening of the 1st, John, Hannanh and I will leave to go to San Antonio and prepare to meet the rest of my siblings i never knew. Michael and his partner, Tom will come from California. David and his daughter Kelly will drive in from North Texas. David’s other daughter, Shirley, her husband and kids are coming in from New Jersey. I have not met any of them yet. Jonny and his wife, Yvonne, along with their daughter and grandaughter come in from North Florida, while Dodo and her husband, Butch come in from South Florida. Randell and his girlfriend are coming up Saturday morning with Meg and Tori. Rachel and Brice are coming up Friday night. All in all, I think there is about 25 of us that are going to converge on the Riverwalk for four days. We are going to show them the new family website that John and I have been secretly working on ( I think there is still room in the car – any one else want to go?

5 thoughts on “Two weeks to go…”

  1. Oh wow.. that was too cool. I just paid a visit to Lori to see how much vacation time i had left and i got two weeks left. I think i’m going to try for a week for san antonio family thing.. and then maybe another week sometime around christmas.. maybe go to bryan?

  2. Safe? I woudn’t think that it’s “unsafe” I’d like to get to see my cousins and Gloria and John and Dorthy and Jack and all the people i grew up with. I’m sure there will be someone to see. I probably won’t stay the whole week.. but a few days at least.

  3. Well… I was specifically speaking about the whole probate issue not being completed yet. I thought the reason we didn’t go this summer was because of animosity over the wills?

  4. that could go on forever. i’m not holding my breath.. but i’m not going to let that keep me from seeing the people who i grew up with, who helped raise me, and who i haven’t seen in a really long time.

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