One fine morning

It’s funny how quickly things can change.  My routine was simple.  Hear the alarm at 7, snooze until 7is, get dressed, kiss the wife goodbye, and off to work I go to make the 30 minute drive to Weslaco.  I’ve been doing that for about 7 years now.  I thought yesterday wouldn’t be any different.

Up 16th st, cut across on primrose to main to get the traffic light, turn left onto Nolana while waving to the crossing guard who is always way to cheerful at 7 in the morning, thru the school zone taking Nolana to US 281, and interchange to US 83 to Weslaco.  Traffic is usually heavy and Nolana at this time as well as on 281.  I never expected this lady to interrupt my morning commute.

I had turned onto Nolana heading east towards the expressway, Nolana is now 6 lanes with three lanes in either direction as well as the turning lane.  I was in the middle lane with a car slightly ahead of me in the left-most lane and possibly a car to the right of me in the right lane next to the turning lane.  I was driving through the school zone and approaching 12th street where the school zone ends so starting to pick up some speed.  Cars (and people) usually cross at 12th street but there isn’t a traffic light there, only a stop sign for the cross-traffic.  The car to the left of me must have been turning on to 12th street and there was a car on 12th turning into Nolana turning west.  That car so the car to the left of me turn but didn’t see me still going straight.  She turned into me.  Everything happened really quickly.  I remember a sudden stop, I didn’t even have time to hit the breaks.  Then there was a sizzling sound and a burning smell.  At first I thought it was the engine and radiator fluid.  So I unbuckle, try and get out, it locked.  unlock, get out and walk over to the other car.  Lady in the front seat, look in the back seat, empty.  I walk back over to her and she’s crawling over to the passenger side since she can’t get out of her side and ask for a phone.  I had set it in my console so I walk back over to my car to get it.  the radio is still on and I notice that all of the airbags had deployed.  Got my phone and started to call 911.  Then I saw a police car approach.  (that was fast)  People have stopped and were asking about me.  I was fine.  I thought, I should call patti, I looked down and my phone was already calling her.  ok?  Amber had driven right through the accident and saw me and called her first.  So I explained that I was ok but might need another way to get to work.  She was heading over.  I took a moment and took my first snap-shoot of the event and posted it to facebook.  I sent the same photo to my office with a note “I might be a little late” IMG_0519ed

So checked in with the police, handed my license and insurance paperwork over for the first if many times that day.  I wanted to let the police get the statements from the witnesses first before me.  So Patti showed up and I had her call the insurance.  About that time I notice my writs and see that my left is pretty red and a few scratches and cuts, my left is hurting but nothing obvious.  The cops finally come by and ask me about what happened.  The lady who was in the other car was still in her full body pajamas and fuzzy slippers.  (no wonder she never got out of the car) At one point she left and the owner of the car, her husband?, who had shown up said she left to get her license.  Anyway.. a while later I see the cops talking her her giving her a ticket.

So they tow off the car, Patti drives us to the tow yard where we empty out the car into hers. She then takes me to the doctor where they prescribe some meds but didn’t find anything serious.   So we get home and finally start catching up on all of the text and email.  Actually, everyone was calling and texting patti.  I think my sister was the only one who called me.  So check up on the insurance.  The car was paid off but we kept comp and collision on it.  We also had a rental reimbursement on it so I wanted to check on how to start using that.  I called Progressive, keyed in my account number and was connected directly to my local rep who was just about to call me.  She took my statement.  She also asked me which repair shop I wanted to use.  She setup for that shop to pick up the car and she also setup the car rental for me.  All I had to do was go pick it up.  Progressive really made the whole experience easy.  I would recommend them.



So Hannah had her Christmas band concert last night, I went with a wrist brace and bandages.  It was a good concert though.  The kids did well.  Back to work today just taking iteasy.  Glad it didn’t turn out worse.  I’d like to thank everyone to called and texted to check on me, even it was was through patti 🙂  Never knew how many knew me who pass through that road.