Upcoming week..

Heavens Gate’s and Hell’s Flames will be here tonight, er.. i mean Glory and the Fire.  They are showing up a day early.  The company switch i ordered hopefully will be here Friday.  If not then we’re going to have to revisit this in a different way.  It would just be so much easier if we could do it my way. 

Originally these guys weren’t going to be here for another few weeks.  So an order was placed for their consumables in accordance to their rider.  Well, apparently pastor noticed that the “stuff” hadn’t arrived yet so called up G&F to let them know and the response was something like “oh that’s ok.. we have plenty of our own ‘stuff’. ”  Well.. come to find out, they didn’t have enough so we had to put a rush order in.  Being a rush order they just decided to drop-ship to us from the manufacture.  So the manufacture wanted their licence number to ship combustible material.  surely the vendor would be able to provide the licence number he’s be shipping the stuff for G&F with all these years? 

Well.. i’m doing my best to stay out of all that.  The last thing i need is a Class 2 Federal-Felony on my name for receiving hazardous material across state lines without a licence.  Who knows, this years G&F may be a little less firery. 

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