US To Test First Nationwide Use Of Emergency Broadcast System

Because the government knows something we don’t and isn’t telling us, the first nationwide test of the emergency broadcast system is slated to go down at 2PM eastern today, simultaneously playing on all entertainment outlets (sans internet).

The 30-second test, to be overseen by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Communications Commission, will run on radio, satellite radio and TV stations in all 50 states and U.S. territories. It will include alert “beeps” and the words “This is a test.” Here’s how FEMA explains it: We need to know that the system will work as intended should public safety officials ever need to send an alert or warning to a large region of the United States. Only a complete test of the Emergency Alert System can help us identify any changes and improvements needed to modernize this system and make it fully accessible.

Any guesses what the government is keeping from us? Because it’s gonna look mighty suspicious when the government tests the emergency broadcast system nationwide for the first time today and then aliens attack on Thanksgiving. I expect they’ll strike when we’re all doped up on turkey. FEMA to test nationwide emergency alert system at 2 p.m. ET [usatoday] Thanks to Allison, who asks, “do you remember where you were when the US tested the emergency broadcast system nationwide for the first time?” No, I was at work staring at a computer screen like a normal person!

Actually working in broadcasting, I was heavily involved in the use of EAS.  Worked hard to straighten out the problems we have in the valley with the PEP and LP-1.  Even tried to make KTEX the LP1 and KPAS the Spanish LP(2).  I almost half want to go bug milton this afternoon just to see the new SAGE’s take the alerts and relay them.  Oh well.. i guess spending the afternoon in the car won’t be so bad either.


well that was interesting.. 1pm rolled up, header “duck farts” sounded, then the relay EOM and then about 30 seconds of static, hiss and crackles.  Not as bad as other stations however.

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