well.. a mini one at least.  just some time to get away and relax, before i have to get back to reality.  Today is black friday.  for some reason people look forward to waking up at midnight to go shopping with hoardes of other people.  It’s insane i tell you.  I have never myself taken part of the festivities except for one year that we did a broadcast from walmart at 6 in the morning.  i was wondering, why in the world would we have to be there at 6am.  i’ll get there early at 5 and setup and have no problem.  HA!  the parking lot was beyond full.  i had never seen anything like it in my life.  I did find something out though.  Why they call it black friday.  apperently, this is the day that most retail stores go from being in the red to to actually being in the black.  all in one day.  and why do they open at such ungodly hours?  the outlet mall was open at midnight.  well.. for one- the longer the check outs are open, the more people they can run through there.  and also, you get someone up at 6am to get this awesome deal, they know that there is alimited supply and they can’t go out shopping for the best buy.  they will just go and get what they find and assume that will be there only choice.  the earlier the store is open, the better chance that store has of haveing all your busisness rather than splitting it amoungts others.  i don’t doubt that in the future the sales will start as soon as the turkey is eaten on thanksgiving.. but that’s just my opinion.

now where is that IHOP at?  i’m hungry.