vacation cont.

it’s been a busy vacation.  i’ve done alot of driving aroung, errands, getting things done around church, the new house, running kids around, etc.  wed made two trips to the court house, fixed the law office, thursday got the house inspected, picked up hannah, went to the office, delivered presents, walked around downtown mcallen for a bit.  oh- we were in this store and some lady came up to me and asked me something, i think it was something like “can i help you with something?” but in spanish.  so i replied “i beg your pardon?” and she kind of looked shocked at me.. look around shyly and walked away.  i thought it was kind of funny.  i mean, i know we are downtown but last i check, it was still in THIS part of the border.. but anyway.. after that we went to the mcallen measuem.  we were there at least three hours playing around checking out the exhibts and playing outside.  i think i had as much fun as Hannah did.  it was fun to put aside all the duties of being an adult for a while and get to run around playing hide-and-seek.  came home to try and restore my servers here at home, they got sick with someone trying to FTP in to them.  so i just closed the entire ftp port.  then Patti and i went to the steve holy concert.