This past weekend was fun. Patti and I and the kids went up to meet her birth family. That was alot of f un. Her family is great. They are all very.. um.. colorfull. I really had a good time spending time with all of them. By Monday though i was ready to get back home. Yesterday I think i got more done during my vacation than what i would normaly get to do. I finally figured out what was wrong over at DBK, that took a while but i felt really acomplished after that got done. I went by church.. went through some reports and found someone using Lenora’s pc in the middle of the night to use the internet for some.. um.. very .. strange things. I began working on a build out project in the office. Had a lunch meeting.. fixed pastor’s tv… Began working on Patti’s family website. Visited with the Leals. Watched dodgeball at Patti’s. Had a late dinner wtih Manuel. And going to get up and do it all again today.