voting, jonas, and drama

friday was the 29th, and after going through some email realized it was the deadline for upgrading all of our satellite remote control equipment.  it’s mostly some upgrades to give corporate more ability to take over all of our transmitters.  so i went out to the mission transmitter first to begin the upgrade.. the early versions of the satellite equipment required a rescue kit to make the upgrade work.. and what do you know.. ours all need the rescue kit, which requires a serial cable with a null adapter on it.. all of which are at the station.  needless to say.. made for a long day.  i got to have lunch with patti- any excuse i can come up with get to be with my wife.  later that day went to the law office and got a lot of stuff finished there.  that was actually quite a bit of work but the type that you actually feel accomplished once you can get it all figured out.  Saturday was errand day.  patti and i woke up early for angelfood.  after that went to the thrift stores looking for props for the upcoming Easter programs.  after that hannah had a birthday party, and after that was the jonas brothers concert.  patti had the “privilege” of taking hannah and two friends out there.  i got to stay home.  megan was at the beach, tori was racing so i had the whole house to myself.  a few years ago i would have loved to get to spend the entire evening by myself.. just me and my cat.  after about the first 30 minutes i was already lonely and ready to be back with everyone.  i thought i would spend the evening working on a problem i was having at the law office… well that took all of 10 minutes.

by the time everyone came home, the kids came in singing “SOS” in the way teenage girls can only do.  3 was pretty shrill.. i couldn’t imagine how 6000 of them sounded like. 

today patti and i are going to the ranch to start preparing the people out there for the easter program we are putting on in a few weeks.  it’s all comming together.  hopefully things will settle down once all this drama is over.