VTCI woes

argh!.  there is the client of mine who is wanting he’s website chagned.  i  made it for him back when i was in highschool and used his isp for his web hosting.  Out there in the middle of knowwhere, the only ISP is the local LEC.  Being a coop, they were able to provide dsl (a-dsl actually) before any of the large CLEC’s were able to because of the anti-trust laws.  but anyway- So there is this local LEC trying to be larger than they really are.  They go by a few names, VTCI, Grande River, RGVW, VTX-C, VTX-B.  Oh, don’t get me started on vtxb.  this is there internet division.  I was helping my nepehew with his computer, they are using vtxb as their isp over a-dsl.  i noticed that his wan ip address was a 10.x address, which is a reserved private ip address.  So this ISP is spitting out privitate ip address, doing a NAT translation across there router on to twtelcom-.net.  So basically, they are creating a private network between all of there customers. which would be cool if you wanted to share files between you and your neighbor, but also really dumb because, do you really want your neighboor being able to listen to your shared i-tunes list?

anyway- so i finally get an email back from these guys, and they send me the username and password for the ftp site.  Which was NOT the orginal info. they must have migrated there hosting servers without telling the customer.  I’ve asked them for shell access and mysql.  If they aren’t able to provide this then it will be the PERFECT chance to get them onto a real hosting provider.  So as a temp i’m hosting the new site out of my house.  We’ll see how far this can go.