water water everywhere

4709Saturday morning Patti and i woke up and she asked, what do we have to do today.  I really thought we didn’t have anything to do.  well, ended up having to take Hannah to puppets at church, so i thought i could use the time to catch up on some stuff at church.  Well, then Patti ended up finding out that Rachel and Brice had some water trouble at there house, so i came looking for a shopvac.  While i was doing that patti was messing with Janie’s car.  I walked over and found out they were looking for the smell in the car.  Ended up being a posum caught in the fan belt.  ok so we got that done and then went over to rachel’s house.  there closet and bedroom carpet was soaked.  Went to the back of the house and the water was obviously comming out from the waterheater built into the back part of the house.  so we ended up having to cut the pipes to get the waterheater out.  Trying to reassemble the pipes after about 2 hours of looking for the size we needed, found out it was CPVC piping we were looking for.  the only people who told us that was the lady (of all people) at mccoys.  Actually everyone there was really helpfull and knew what they were talking about.  I’m going to be doing alot more shopping there first.   Did that upuntil around 5 or 6, then we went to the house.  Randy made a bunch of food and had a bunch of people over.  it was fun to hang out but by 1am i was ready for bed.   Going back to Rachels and Brice’s to finish up today after church.  then i’ll catch up on the work i have to do here at churh after that.