Weekend Report

Saturday morning woke up early for food distribution.  Than patti made fajitas so i got to enjoy food there.  Then i took Tori and Hannah out for some early christmas shopping for thier mom and dad.  I think it will be easier to get my shopping done early instead of waiting for chistmas eve to go shopping.  I mean i love the excitment of pushing old mexican ladies out of the way with minutes to go before the stores close, but i’m just getting to old for that now.  After shopping we went to the races.  Hannah was doing really good until her chain broke.  I really thing she could have come out first or even second.  But that’s racing.  And tori was doing really well too until her engine starting puking up oil.  But still.  i had fun.

Sunday i needed to get to church early to get stuff ready, and as i’m turning on to mccol from freddy i see a city truck with a bunch of those road block things in the back of the truck.  and i drive forward and there are all these AEP trucks erecting a new light pole.  I guess some drunk decided it was in his way sometime during the night.  But they got it up and running before service.  The kids did this really cool puppet skit.  I’ll get some photos of it on the church website in a bit.  After church and a nap, we went to go see Happy Feet.


This movie on the surface looks cute and quite humeroius.  But the truth behind it, it’s another way for the evil liberals to reach our kids with there “Big Oil” message and false hopes of a nonfunctional UN.  But don’t let me spoil the movie for you.